Movement Medicine Fridays in Zeist


Movement Medicine Fridays

Movement Medicine is a conscious dance practice, where through movement we bring healing to our body, heart and mind. It combines ancient and modern wisdom and supports you to experience the transformative power of your own potential in co-creative community. We often sit for many hours a day behind our computer screens or phones and spend a lot of time learning and communicating through our intellect. It is time to awaken to our creative power and explore who we really are, to trust and let whatever arises be welcome in the joy of the dance.

This is an invitation to come as we are and take a journey to discover the wisdom and intelligence of our body in movement.
To remember who we truly are and what really matters to us as we connect through the dance with ourselves, our communities and our environment. To listen deeply to the true knowledge of the dancer within and find more space in our heart to strengthen, nourish and blossom is where the medicine is.

Fridays every 2 weeks! with  DJ Priya / Hagit Ottens-Wilk

Info – Movement Medicine with Hagit | | 

Signing up recommended via 06-18267670

Location – Boskapel Zeist

Friday evening 19.45-21.15 De Boskapel 

Doors open 19.30/  Laan van Beek en Royen 46 te Zeist

Price – €15 Regular

            €13 Students / low income

Ucoming dates 2023: 
April 26
May 10,24
June 7,21
July 12,26

Please bring the exact change of the payment in cash or contact me if you like to pay with Tikkie. (tickets available also via

Free parking 

Details: No prior experience is required. People of all abilities, life stages and personal and professional backgrounds are welcome. We start with a Drum ceremony and we end up with a short Meditation. Please wear comfortable layers. 4

Only 4 times a year!
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