Yoga Meditation Healing Indian Agate Mala


Yoga Meditation Healing Indian Agate Mala Spirituality 108 Beads Necklace, self confidence, courage, memory & physical strength

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A Mala necklace with colorful Indian Agate Beads used for prayer or meditation. The Malas are made on the principle of the sacred number 108. They are strung on cotton thread with knots between each bead to maintain consistent space between each bead. Including a Guru bead with a tassel hanging from it. The tassel is considered the symbol of a thousand lotus petals.

The naturally forming Indian Agate Gemstone breaks away from its place of origin and flows through the streams emerging out of the mountains. When these stones reach a particular spot in the river rolling in the waters, on Purnamashi (full moon) day at a certain time they come in contact with the full moon energy. Apart from absorbing its lunar energies, it also takes on different colors and watermarks. They are then ripe with the human healing energies and powers to banish and ward of bad luck, evil spells and misfortune, in every sphere of life, that one may have been carrying over his or her shoulders for quite a while.

Carefully Hand knotted, beautifully gift wrapped, accompanied with a Mala Meditation suggestion.

Size 108 beads: 6 mm . Guru bead: varies between 8.5 – 12 mm

Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

More Malas available!

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